Wall Cleaning

Cleaning brick wallsNot all walls can be cleaned effectively to bring them back to suitable standard. Particularly if there is an unreasonable expectation of what might be achieved.

Most require specialist kit and the right time of year and application of treatment to achieve the required effect.

This is why they require professional external wall cleaners like Ultimate Cleaning Solutions who are able to objectively guide owners on what is possible and achievable.

Type of Wall and Cost

Wall cleaning stoneFrom experience, Ultimate Cleaning Solutions knows that there is a substantial difference between cleaning a garden wall/outhouse and the main house and between the type of materials used.

We know the whole range of building materials, but we focus on the main Forest of Dean types, which are stone, brick, render and painted walls.

Cost is an issue for wall cleaning as every house is different. This is why we only quote after we have seen the property and discussed the desired end result and reason for the clean. Increasingly clients are opting to buy our climashield coating option to reduce their heating bills as well as improving the look of their property.

Climashield Wall Coating

Climashield Energy Efficient Wall Coating products are a clear finish super hydrophobic (highly water resistant) coating for exterior and interior use. It is designed to prevent water ingress into walls and brickwork. By keeping walls dry heat transference through consistently damp or wet substrates will be minimised. Naturally by keeping walls dry, energy bill to domestic and commercial properties can be substantially reduced.

Application of the coatings is easy by sprayer or roller with only 1 coat required. The coating will not change the property appearance but will protect the property from damp and structural damage caused by water ingress.

Climashield coatings are water vapour permeable allowing complete breathability of the property. A product performance lifespan of 15+ years can be expected, with coverage rates of approx. 4-6 metres per litre dependent on porosity of substrate.

Benefits include:

  • 6% - 7% savings per year on your heating bills with this product
  • Water vapour permeable (allows property to breathe)
  • Protects against algae and mould
  • Self-Cleaning- resistant to dirt and pollution
  • Lowers thermal conductivity of walls
  • Super hydrophobic water repellence
  • Can be applied to any porous substrate
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Dry finish- will not change appearance of property

To find out more about wall cleaning, climashield or to book a free survey call David and the Ultimate Cleaning Solutions team on 01594 844 344

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