Roof Cleaning

Roof CleaningThe roof cleaning market is littered with "I’m in the area and can clean and seal your roof" operators pricing jobs with a coating at prices that don't even cover the cost of reputable materials.

Before going ahead please check and ask for insurance certification, ask for previous clients to call and importantly the manufacturer of the products they are applying. This is work which should be carried out by specialists using the best products available.

Ultimate Cleaning Solutions has an established reputation for carrying out a very high quality level of workmanship in all areas of the cleaning work we undertake. This is especially true in the roof cleaning environment where we have many years’ experience. We carrying out a full and through clean followed up with any repair work and then to complete the work an application of a clear sealer or a coloured roof coating.

The Ultimate Approach to Roof Cleaning

Roof clean beforeAfter a free survey we will discuss the most appropriate method of safely accessing your roof and the work scheduling.

You will be dealing directly with the owner of Ultimate Cleaning Solutions and not the canvasser then the sales person, we believe this is essential for you the property owner to know with whom you are dealing with at all times. This process also helps to keep the cost of the work at a more realistic level as we do not incur these significant overheads.

Roof clean afterOur investment in professional level pressure washing and ancillary equipment ensures we carry out any work with Health and Safety compliance our number one priority. We will sheet up sensitive ground floor areas or if the moss growth is heavy ensure any adjoining properties are also fully cleaned of residue.

After securing a safe method of access we will pressure wash your roof from the top down ensuring all moss and algae growth is bagged and removed. Once roof is cleaned a fungicidal wash is applied to ensure all spores are killed off prior to the coating.

We will at this stage take full note of any repairs that need to be carried out as it often only once the layers off moss covering the structure have been fully removed that a through structural view can be taken. After the cleaning process is complete, we will carry out any repairs and then apply two coats of a coloured roof coating or clear roof sealer.

Want to Know More?

At Ultimate Cleaning Solutions we spend a lot of time putting right other firms work. Do it once, but get it done correctly, call Ultimate Cleaning Solutions for a professional job.

The number for this or to arrange to see our insurance, talk to previous clients or to discuss the products we use is Freephone 01594 844 344 .

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