Pub and Hotel Outdoor Cleaning

paving clean hotelOutside areas are often overlooked by pubs, hotels and restaurants or are seen as being useful only seasonally.

Whether it is to access the outside space itself or to get clients into the premises, regular outdoor cleans are a proven effective way to increase trade; and not just after an internal refurbishment.

Ultimate Cleaning Solutions is working closely with the hospitality industry to help businesses improve their external areas by just cleaning.

The way your premises look from the street can say a lot about how you keep the internals. Most owners regards outside cleaning as seasonal but nowadays you have the responsibly to maintain all areas in a good condition to safeguard both your guests and your staff.

For particular occasions, a smart and presentable outside patio is now as important as an internal area. Such as the increasingly competitive wedding market where it may serve as the place for pictures, a holding area for guests or the overflow area in the evening for a break.

Restaurant, Pub and Hotel Outdoor Cleaning

restaurant hard surfaceUltimate Cleaning Solutions are specialists in natural stone cleaning and restoration along with wooden decking along with most common types of outdoor surfaces from the car park, paths to the walls and roof including the conservatory!

Consider what effect dripping gutters may have when usually all it takes is a quick clean and by letting them run free the dripping will stop.

Another overlooked area in the trade are often the hidden areas thought to be away from guests’ glare such as around the kitchen door and bin storage areas. A quick wash down and sanitation is not as expensive as you think.

Time to think about outdoor cleaning?

So next time you step outside, spend 5 minutes to:

  • Look up at your guttering, is there any growth hanging or growing from them?
  • Walk your pathways and patios, is there any moss or slippery lichen on the surface?
  • Consider, are your walls dirty or covered with Algae?
  • Check, is there staining around your extractor fans?
  • Review, is your car park in good repair?
  • Assess, how clean is your conservatory roof?
  • Think, could your smoking shelter require a quick makeover?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then it’s a simple request to Ultimate Cleaning Solutions for a free site survey and quotation to discuss your pub and hotel outdoor cleaning requirements on 01594 844 344. We can take the hassle away and help your business grow.

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