Moss and Algae Cleaning

Moss and algae cleaning

If people say they can permanently treat and kill off both moss and algae then this is definitely a street myth.

Due to the Great British climate it is impossible to remove Moss and Algae permanently, but it is possible to control their annual growth.

Ultimate Cleaning Solutions provide a Moss and Algae service where we will spray a proven killer onto the moss and algae and leave it to nature to disperse the dead growth over the next few months.

A typical roof with moss, we would spray in the Springtime, when new growth has started, go away for 3-6 months and return in late summer to check that the growth has died. We will then over-spray the entire roof again and this should kill any growth that has taken root since the springtime spraying.

Depending on where you live, light to the roof or any overhanging trees providing shade the roof should remain moss free for a further 2-5 years. A re-spray every 2-5 years could cost as little as £40 per complete roof to maintain in a moss/algae free condition.

The same treatment can be provided to treat pathways, patios and drives keeping those surfaces safe to walk upon.


Unsightly and dangerous. Lichen comes mainly in three colours. White and Yellow Lichen is easy to remove, either by water pressure or other solutions. Once removed they are usually removed for good. Black Lichen is different as it grows into whatever you see it on. Pressure washing will only remove the surface but at Ultimate Cleaning Solutions we have the knowledge and skill to kill the roots for good.

Weed Killers Treatment

We kill the plant, not the leaves. Depending on where you would like us to carry out this service would determine on the type of killer we would use. Site surveys would always be carried out to ascertain the selection of killer required.

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For a site survey and to discuss suitable options for your property please call us on 01594 844 344.

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