For some homeowners cleaning and property maintenance is a chore which must be done sometime but probably not today. For others a wedding, birthday or party is the trigger for an outside tidy-up of the home, patio and drive. Whichever is the case, Ultimate Cleaning Solutions is the friendly answer to your outdoor cleaning requirements. We can carry out all your cleaning and refurbishments of your outside areas that are important to you but require attention and our professionalism to do the job quickly and effectively.

Outside Regular Maintenance

To keep its value a home needs to be maintained inside and out. Our regular outdoor cleaning prevents cosmetic issues becoming significant problems such as slips and trips on mossy patios. Many of our clients come to Ultimate because they lack the time or desire to do these jobs. They trust us to come back regularly to ensure their home is always looking its best without any unforeseen costs and without the chore.

Special Events Outdoor Cleaning

Having a special event at home is always exciting regardless of how much organisation is needed. It is often then we look at the outside of our property with fresh eyes. Sometimes a quick spruce up of the patio, drive or decking is all that is needed which with the right equipment and products is easy. Or it looks like a bigger job and cost which is why it is put off until now. In either scenario Ultimate are able to help and advise.

How Ultimate Helps Homeowners

Ultimate Cleaning Solutions clean and refurbish driveways, footpaths, patio’s, decking, roofs and gutters in The Forest of Dean and Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds, Wye and Usk Valleys as well as South East Wales. So if

  • You’re a proud home owner and you put the same value on your expensive outdoor surfaces looking as good as your interior decoration; or
  • You are having a party at home such as an anniversary, wedding or a family gathering; or
  • Selling your home and you wish to improve your kerb appeal with a driveway or gutter clean or you’ve just moved and want or need the exterior cleaned

………then get in contact with Ultimate Cleaning Solutions for a free survey and discussion about your requirements and a non-obligatory quotation on 01594 844 344

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