Driveway Cleaning

driveways cleanedThe most common question we are asked on drive cleaning is what does it cost?

The true answer for effective driveway cleaning is that driveways differ in size and what they are made of which can affect the cost considerably.

For the simplest of jobs it could cost just £2.00 per square metre to £12.50  for the most complex or lengthy.

That is why Ultimate Cleaning Solutions always visits to provide a free quotation.

Ultimate Driveway Cleaning

Driveway CleaningWhile costs will always vary, our service and meticulous attention to detail will remain the same for every job. It typically follows this approach.

  1. Before any cleaning takes place we note and repair any areas that require attention
  2. If weed and moss growth is heavy then a suitable killer is applied and left for 1-2 weeks to die back (we only use a suitable weed killer that kills the root system on all weeds)
  3. Cleaning DriveAny stubborn stains such as oil marks and air conditioning run off is pre-treated.
  4. The surface is then professionally pressure washed according to the type of surface.
  5. After washing, block paving is re-sanded, and if this surface is not being sealed we use a setting agent to set the sand hard between the blocks reducing the growth of weeds and moss in the future.
  6. If the driveway is to be sealed then it will usually be left to dry out for 3-10 days according to the type of surface and the weather.
  7. drive sand ucsol1The driveway will be sealed with your choice of sealer. There are usually two types of sealer, a solvent based sealer or a water based non solvent sealer. For concrete there is a choice of colours to choose from and all sealers come in a matt, silk or full gloss finish.

We usually return 1-2 weeks after completion of each job to check that everything is in order.

When to Clean a Drive?

Aside from special events, the best time to clean a drive is spring to wash away the winter debris. That’s when we visit our regular or previous customers, if required, to clean, wash and touch up any areas that require attention to ensure that their drive stays in top condition.

If you have a drive in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire or Newport, South Wales that needs cleaning please call us on 01594 844 344  to arrange a visit and a quote.


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