Decking Cleaning

The British climate is not suited to keeping your decked area in a safe and clean condition.

Ultimate Cleaning Solutions can offer a service from complete restoration and refurbishment of your decking to a simple seasonal wash and clean for properties in Gloucestershire.

Decking CleaningIf your decking is new, or it has just been deep cleaned, we recommend a good quality “Danish Oil” is applied to the raw wood.

The oil will soak into the wood. This helps the decking to repel water year round and cope with the drying effect on the wood during the summer months.

A good application of oil, at least 2 coats, will provide a good base for future applications of oil in following years.

All decking, wooden or composite, will require cleaning and treating for moss and algae. If left untreated it will become dangerous to walk on and unsightly to look at.

A selection of different types of non-slip surfaces can be administered to your decking if required.

Cleaning Decking stepsUltimate Cleaning Solutions are able to carry out any requirement you should require and an annual wash in the Springtime with a follow up call in the Autumn to provide a fungicidal over spray can cost as little as £2.00 per square metre.

Worried about your decking being slippery then or other questions about decking cleaning call us on 01594 844 344 for your Free Site Survey and advice on what we can do for you.

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